WELCOME TO The AWAKEN RAN ALPHA ONLINE v4 Ran Alpha is A Regen Based Server, No Pots Based, Stats Based Server, first in the Philipppines.. only here in the Ran Alpha v4.1 [ the New Era ] Launched August 25,2014 , unique Gameplay, Full Features , Full Pack Action Ahead INFO: WELCOME TO THE MOST DEVASTATING GAME OF ALL TIME == ON CREATION: MAX REBORN MAX LEVEL MAX STATS Max Skills with a Free 1500 Warpoints To Buy Toys that is upgradable up to +30 also. Hurry !!!! [ ROYAL ERA ] with 45,000 of premium points to buy armors, weapons, accesories WEAPON UPGRADE IS UP TO +30 ARMOR UPGRADE IS UP TO +30 [ huntables high burr and protection potions ] GM Events And Rewards: TOP AFK = Banner top afk reward with high stats top rewardee group or characters = top rewardee banner with high stats costume rings Super Devastating Clubwars Schoolwars Join Our Growing Community Useful Links Below! Website: ran-alpha.com Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/xGenRanOfficialFuromGroup/ Join Our Growing Community
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August 2015

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