WELCOME TO X-GEN RAN ONLINE X-Gen Ran online Features * MAX LEVEL IS 300 * STARTING LEVEL IS 1 * MID RATE EXP * LOW RATE GOLD for GOLD CYCLE in ITEM SELLING Purposes * CLASSIC GAMEPLAY * EP9 INTERFACE * REGEN BASED * NO POTS ( HP POTIONS) * NO REBORN * COMBO TYPE * NO POTS SERVER * ALL ITEMS IS HUNTABLE * LOW DONATION SERVER * 10 STATS PER LEVEL * NO REBORN * SERVER IS 24/7 ONLINE (unless Patch Updates) * 5 CLASS SERVER * CW IS 6 DAYS ( Monday to Saturday at 8pm) * CLUB DEATHMATCH is EVERY SUNDAY at 8pm * SCHEDULED Game Masters Events * Active Admin / Staffs for Players concern * AFK = WARPOINTS in Game * GAMETIME TO VOTEPOINTS on Site * UPDATED EP9 ARMORS, WEAPONS and Accesories Are Dropped by Mobs * RANDOM VALUE TO ALL ITEMS * we Dont Know Yet What is to be a Donation Item -cause its Huntable Already on Creation: * DRAGON CLAW SET * BLACK DRAGON WEAPONS * WHITE COLORED WING w/ Stats * HEAD BANNER w/ 4000 HP * ACCEs * PET w/ Pet Skill * BASIC CARDS * GHOST BIKE * 50,000 Premium Points Hot Features: =GameTime to Votepoints. *AFK in Game? convert your Gametime to Votepoints to Buy Cool Items On Website =Warpoints to Item. **AFK in Game ? Warpoints is Enabled here to Buy Cool Items on NPCs at Game. =Clubwar is 6x a Week =CDM is Once a Week with cool rewards **Full Pack Action is Here ... **Active Admin and Gms **Come And Join to our Growing Community. **Your Time to Download this Game is not a Waste. Website : Website : http://x-gen.ranworld.xyz/ Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/groups/1630580777197850/?ref=bookmarks
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