Divinity Ran Online Classic ==================================================== 5 Class Only (Archer,Brawler,Shamman,Swordsman &ampamp Extreme) Old School Gameplay 100 Balance game play 220 Level Cap No Reborn Quest Based Gameplay Classic Levelling Map UnliMobs (RH, T3p, Cube, HB90F) Hunt your own item Item mix system (Ingredients for Rare Item) Max Stats Extreme (880) Max Stats Normal (660) x10 Exp rate x10 BTG x10 Item Drop rate 7 to 167 Skill only Spiritual Sphere provided in inventory 1-16 Spiritual Sphere available in MarketPlace Gametime to Epoints Voting System Max ups for Armor and Weapon +10 24/7 Online 650mb Installer CDM/Suryun/CW/PvP
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Divinity Ran Online

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July 2015

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