Mid-Rate Server 95 No Donation 5 Donation (to support server and its maintenance) OBLIVION RAN ONLINE : &gtFREE 165K PP POINTS.....every char create.. &gtMAX RB CAN GET FREE PP POINTS...TO BUY ALL FD ITEMS IN 2ND MARKET &gt how to claim your free pp points?? &gtYOU MUST REACH THE MAX CAP..THEN POST YOUR CHAR. IN OUR GROUP.. ONLY TOP 30 PLAYERS CAN GET FREE FD,,,(NO DUMMY) &gt7 Class &gt237 skill &gtDedicated Server! &gtUnique Game System. &gtBalance Game Play. &gtCombo Base Server &gtUnlocked All Skills &gtMax Reborn = 50 &gtMax Level = 300 &gtNo ANTI SKILL/DE-BUFF SKILL Effects/Functions &gtNo 1 Hit Skill &gtPK Win/Loss Record and Streak &gtPK Rank Name With Logo &gtRight Click Function &gtAdd Stats In-game &gtPremium/War Points NPC can be seen on New Market Place &gtGain Premium/War Points when you are online (Yes, free points where you are online doing leveling, hunting of bosses, AFK, etc..) &gtMax Refine (Using high burr/protection potion) = +15 &gtVote Points Convert to Premium Points &amp War Points &gtGold Convert to Vote Points &gtSell Function for Premium Items &gtSets with bonus stats &gtCostumes with stats &gtActive and Friendly Staffs &gtMany More! Come and Join US!! OBLIVION Rules 1.Respect Moderators and Game Masters 2.No Posting/Comment of Unnecessary Pictures 3.No Posting of Other Ran Servers 4.ALWAYS RESPECT STAFFS TO AVOID BEING BAN. 5. No Selling Account . 6. Dropped items/Looted by others are players responsibilities not by GMs
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September 2015

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